"It's me", "Its-me", "us", "our", "we" refers to this app and connected website its-me.no

When downloading or using this app, you accept the following terms and conditions. Read them carefully.
This app is built for commercial purposes and is meant for use as is.

Content / Personal information

In the app, the users are able to create a profile and include private content and contact information. The user is responsible for the information provided when sharing their content as this can be shared by others without the user's consent. The users allow us to share this content when users use the sharing functionality. We will not distribute your contact information if you do not use the sharing or scan functionality with the QR code/link etc.


We may employ third-party companies and individuals for services, maintenance, upgrades, marketing, analysis. If we provide these third parties your information it will be to do it on our behalf and they will accept not to abuse or forward this information in any way.


To optimize use for your cookies will enable more features that will increase your user experience. Declining these and using the app/webpage is still possible with reduced functionality. The app may use third-party apps to identify you, these parties may use cookies that stores in your web browser which we are not responsible for. The users are to ascertain and approve that this is acceptable

Third-party links

Using any links to third-party websites the users is solely responsible for reading (agreeing or disagreeing) terms and conditions or privacy policy of these third parties. We are not responsible for these.


Protecting your information is a high priority and the data is secured at a high level that is commercially viable. We are serious about guarding the security of your personal information and use a secure server to store your personal information. There is not a solution that will protect you no matter what when it's online. Therefore we cannot absolutely guarantee the security.

Error log

We collect data to improve user experience, its important to us to understand how to make a better user experience for you by collecting error information and creating this log.

Children's Privacy

The services we provide do not address anyone under 13 and we do not knowingly collect this private information. Please contact us immediately if know or are suspicious of anyone under 13 using these services. If we find someone under this age are using our app we will delete this from our servers without undue delay.


Our privacy policy needs to be updated at given times, we encourage you to check periodically if we have made changes. We will notify you by registered email if we do any changes to this policy. They are in effect when they are updated on this page.