"It's me", "Its-me", "us", "our", "we" refers to this app and connected website its-me.no

When downloading or using this app, you accept the following terms and conditions. Read them carefully.

Personal information

When using our services you provide us with personal information, such as name, e-mail, phone number and links to apps or personal files. The information will be retained by us and used as explained in the privacy policy. The app may use third-party apps to identify you.


Its-me will ensure to use the highest security level that is commercially viable to protect the information you provide us.

Protecting the personal information that you provide us is a high priority. There is not a solution that will protect you no matter what when it's online. Therefore we cannot absolutely guarantee the security.


It is not allowed to extract code, copy, change or try to create a version of It's me app. The logo, app name, trademark, copyright and intellectual rights belong to BFR AS.


We withhold the right to terminate user accounts into the app or website of any user that does not conform with the terms and conditions and privacy policy of this app or abuses the information received from using this app at our sole discretion.


For the best user experience, we withhold the right to update the app at any time. The app is free to download and will be in the future. Any additional charges for purchases will never be automatically charged without it being clear and with your accept

Governing law

The governing law for this app is Norway where the owner of this app is publicly registered.


We can only provide this app to you as long as it's commercially viable to do so. We, therefore, withhold the right to close it and at any time. If so the license you have granted us will cease and the app may be deleted from your device.


You are responsible for maintaining your phone, we are not responsible for phone turning off etc. while using our app.

Always use this and other apps with caution and always protect your phone with security code and keep it protected at all times.

When you use this app outside a wi-fi connection, be aware that your tele provider may charge you for the data used to download information in our app. Be especially aware if you're outside your country where roaming charges may apply from tele provider to you.